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Allowing debris to build up in gutters can cause extensive interior/exterior damage to your house or business by forcing water inside eaves and ceiling cavities. It can also become a fire hazard in the hotter months, accelerate rust, encourage mould and fungi growth, and increase strain on fixings due to added weight, causing sagging and unsound gutters.

The Wholistic gutter cleaning method is a unique combination of specifically fabricated equipment, extensive knowledge of roof plumbing systems and years of working at heights. We ensure that all gutter and valley space is cleared, build up is removed from downpipes and that water flows freely. Whether you require cleaning for an insurance claim, need to resolve reoccurring leaks and damage, or for purely aesthetic reasons, Wholistic guarantees satisfaction.


Cleaning and Testing of Complete Roof Plumbing System Single Storey Residence - From $180
Cleaning and Testing of Complete Roof Plumbing System Double Storey Residence - From $220
Travel and Quoting Fee Not Applicable Within the Perth Metropolitan Area


With years of experience and our practical approach to problem solving, you can rely on us. We provide professional and reliable services in Perth, WA.

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  • How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

    It varies with every property. The speed of which debris builds up is by far the most crucial factor. Having your gutters cleaned three times a year can be costly, but not nearly as costly as interior water damage (generally covered by insurance only if the gutters are clear) or replacing dilapidated gutters.

  • Do you use high pressure and vacuum equipment to clean roofs?

    No. Unfortunately this is not a service we currently provide.

  • How much would it be to clean a 4x2 single storey house?

    Simply, without quoting the property in question, the large majority of the time we perform a complete clean and testing of a single storey residence at a charge of approximately $180 (inc. GST).

  • What factors affect how much it will cost to have my roof and gutters cleaned?

    Close proximity to large trees (particularly gums), how regularly the gutters have been cleaned, pitch of roof (additional safety precautions will be necessary) and total gutter length are all considerations likely to affect your quote.

  • Should I install gutter guard?

    There are generally a number of factors to consider before making this potentially costly decision. If you are considering purchasing gutter guard, take a few minutes to watch this video. Ryan from Wholistic takes a look at the theory behind various types of gutter guard products and has a look at the benefits/consequences of installing guards at your property.

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