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Wholistic Gutter Cleaning and Roof Maintenance was founded to service a market defined by customer frustration with unreliable companies within the industry. We refuse to believe that over-quoting, causing damage and not arriving when expected, are acceptable by-products of operation. Our aim is to provide support in all aspects, above and beyond the physical task required – service as it should be.

Wholistic aims to provide a truly comprehensive customer service, for all roof maintenance and gutter cleaning needs. Wholistic will provide support in all aspects, above and beyond the physical task required. What this means for you:

– Professional, honest operators
– Arriving on time
– Only charging what has been quoted
– Post-service support
– Loyalty discounts

  • How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

    It varies with every property. The speed of which debris builds up is by far the most crucial factor. Having your gutters cleaned three times a year can be costly, but not nearly as costly as interior water damage (generally covered by insurance only if the gutters are clear) or replacing dilapidated gutters.

  • How much will it cost to fix and is it worth it?

    Roof repairs can be costly. Wholistic focuses on isolated, problem causing areas. Our services include re-bedding and re-pointing ridge capping, downpipes and gutter repair and replacement and tile repair and replacement. Small scale, this can certainly be a cost effective solution. If the condition of the roof and gutters in general is poor, it is often wiser to consider a complete roof restoration or replacement.

  • What factors affect how much it will cost to have my roof and gutters cleaned?

    Close proximity to large trees (particularly gums), how regularly the gutters have been cleaned, pitch of roof (additional safety precautions will be necessary) and total gutter length are all considerations likely to affect your quote.

  • Do you use high pressure and vacuum equipment to clean roofs and gutters?

    No. A clean roof (free of moss, mould and lichen build-up) can be achieved more effectively, safer and with the long term in mind, through application of an environmental friendly treatment. And having worked with vacuum equipment in the past, we find that it is only advantageous with certain leaf debris and the same result can be gained with the technique we apply.

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